Photo assignment: Kyoto alleyways at night

Festival Parade Hadrah 2016 (Muslim parade in Solo, Indonesia)

2016 May 26 indonesia, travel, video

Indonesia trip: the good, the bad, the ugly

2016 May 25 indonesia, travel, video

The roads of Indonesia

2016 May 18 indonesia, travel, video

Shinkansen trip from Kyoto to Sapporo

2016 May 18 japan, photography, travel

Monju-e Ceremony in Nara (文殊会 興福寺)

Japan once again: update from the Banana House in Osaka

2016 Apr 19 japan, photography, travel, video, vlog

11 mile Big Basin hike

Casablanca (1942) (Top 100 Films)

Schindler's List (1993) (Top 100 Films)

Ikiru (1952) (Top 100 Films)

2016 Jan 6 drama, film, movies, top 100 films

A Journey Through The Top 100 Films

2016 Jan 6 film, movies, top 100 films

Big Basin October Hike

Agile personals ad

2015 Oct 9 agile, bullshit, parody

Quarter-life crisis, third-life crisis, mid-life crisis

2015 Oct 4 life, philosophy

Quick failed trip to Pinnacles National Park

The Coffee That Made the UFO Dance

Summary of Aurelius Augustinus and Seng Zhao on 'Time': An Interpretation of the Confessions and the Zhao Lun

A ride on Yosemite's Sugar Pine Railroad

Existential nights

2015 Apr 30 life, philosophy

Tourist season in Japan, and a brief escape to Cafe Rhinebeck in Kyoto

The Beatitudes

2015 Mar 9 philosophy, the bible

The surprising benefits of going to the gym

2015 Mar 3 exercise, gym

Living as driftwood

2015 Jan 4 new year, philosophy

My year in photos, part 2 (2014)

My year in photos, part 1 (2014)

The City Is A Medium, The Medium Is The Message

2014 Sep 17 philosophy

async.parallel with a simple timeout (node.js)

2014 Sep 8 async, javascript, node, node.js

Milky Way galaxyrise from Maui

What is AMD, CommonJS, and UMD?

2014 May 1 amd, commonjs, javascript

The mobile web is dead (and we have killed it)

2014 Apr 14 apps, mobile, mobile web

Introducing Negative Scroll Blur (for browsers that support CSS filters)

2013 Nov 23 css, japanese, mobile

You Can't JavaScript Under Pressure walkthrough

2013 Oct 4 javascript

The Google Bitch

2013 Sep 24 uncategorized

Fourth of July letter to my government

2013 Jul 4 uncategorized

NSA’s PRISM: from the minds of conspiracy nuts, turns out to be reality

2013 Jun 7 uncategorized

Quick style comparison of mobile image search sites

2013 May 10 mobile

Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 2013 (京都の桜2013年)

2013 Apr 30 japan

Video: Spring in Kyoto (京都の春)

2013 Apr 15 japan

How to import imiwa? vocabulary lists directly into Anki (iOS/iPhone guide)

2013 Feb 27 japanese

Japan: from miniature train to bullet train

2013 Jan 29 japan

Forms of Escapism

2012 Dec 8 uncategorized

A theory of leisure time, choice, and happiness

2012 Oct 19 philosophy

Descartes on building software frameworks

2012 Oct 2 philosophy

The life of your parents’ choosing

2012 Sep 15 uncategorized

Thoughts on TrapWire

2012 Aug 11 politics

More fun with WebKit pseudoelements: -webkit-search-cancel-button (or: Pseudoclass Inception)

2012 Aug 10 css

Initial thoughts on the Retina MacBook Pro (after a few minutes at the store)

2012 Jun 19 uncategorized

I think I’m learning Japanese: JLPT vocabulary words 1 to 50 (audio)

2012 May 28 japanese

Response to “What’s next for mobile now that adaptive design has failed?”

2012 May 23 mobile

Why is Philosophy still important?

2012 May 6 philosophy

New direction (“Developer Blog” -> “Blog”)

2012 May 6 life

Post a status update to the native Facebook app from a web link

2012 Feb 2 uncategorized

Web development / Silicon Valley rant

2011 Oct 22 uncategorized

iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS photo comparison

2011 Oct 14 mobile

iOS5 SunSpider: iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS

2011 Oct 14 performance

Mobile Performance Manifesto

2011 Oct 11 mobile, performance

When to base64 encode images (and when not to)

2011 Aug 28 performance

Different ways of defining functions in JavaScript (this is madness!)

2011 Jun 24 javascript

On professional self-worth

2011 Jun 21 uncategorized

New Mobile Safari stuff in iOS5: position:fixed, overflow:scroll, new input type support, web workers, ECMAScript 5

2011 Jun 7 mobile

The incredibly painful way of getting an RSS feed of a Twitter list

2011 Jun 5 uncategorized

Android 3.0 Honeycomb is first to implement the Device API

2011 Feb 24 uncategorized

My O’Reilly Books Wishlist

2011 Feb 22 uncategorized

Improving yourself as a programmer versus as a human being

2011 Feb 20 uncategorized

Checking for undefined, null, and empty variables in JavaScript

2011 Feb 11 javascript

A peek into Google’s Jules Verne tribute (February 8, 2011)

2011 Feb 7 uncategorized

JavaScript SunSpider benchmark: iOS 4.3 vs iOS 4.0

2011 Jan 22 performance

Notes: Mobile Web Design (Cameron Moll, 2007)

2011 Jan 21 mobile

Implementing iPhone’s slider unlock with input type=”range”

2011 Jan 16 css

JavaScript news resources

2011 Jan 14 javascript

What happens when you have no JavaScript fallback?

2011 Jan 12 javascript

How to spot outdated JavaScript

2011 Jan 7 javascript

What is a closure in JavaScript?

2011 Jan 3 javascript

Book: JavaScript

2010 Dec 9 uncategorized

Mobile JavaScript libraries and frameworks (Mobile Web Part 7)

2010 Dec 6 mobile

What happens when we serve JavaScript with random MIME types?

2010 Nov 1 javascript

Top ten things HTML5 makes simpler

2010 Oct 7 html

JavaScript links from last week (September 26)

2010 Oct 5 javascript

Does it still make sense to use em rather than px?

2010 Oct 5 css

Mobile Monday: Best Practices for Mobile Design (September 20, 2010)

2010 Sep 21 mobile

Server side console.log

2010 Sep 15 javascript

Optimizing based on connection speed: using navigator.connection on Android 2.2+

2010 Sep 14 uncategorized

Basic HTML5 template

2010 Sep 8 html

Dealing with device orientation (Mobile web part 6)

2010 Aug 24 mobile

BlackBerry Torch SunSpider results (JavaScript benchmark)

2010 Aug 18 performance

Is a hash faster than a Switch in JavaScript?

2010 Aug 17 performance

Open Web Camp II at Stanford (July 17, 2010)

2010 Jul 17 uncategorized

Friday links: mobile performance studies, the upcoming device element, and more (July 15)

2010 Jul 16 links

A Visit From Flickr!

2010 Jul 16 uncategorized

Thursday links (July 8)

2010 Jul 8 links

Targeting Internet Explorer (IE): the age-old struggle

2010 Jul 7 css

Using mobile-specific HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Mobile web part 5)

2010 Jun 29 mobile

iPhone 4 SunSpider test results (22% faster than iPhone 3GS)

2010 Jun 25 mobile

JavaScript SunSpider test: iOS 3.1.3 versus iOS 4 GM

2010 Jun 10 performance

JavaScript SunSpider: HTC Evo versus HTC Incredible versus Nexus One

2010 Jun 10 performance

How to install obsolete Android Virtual Devices (AVDs)

2010 Jun 9 mobile

Mobile First: Luke Wroblewski on mobile design

2010 Jun 5 mobile

On designing a mobile webpage (Mobile web part 4)

2010 May 26 mobile

Designing buttons that don’t suck (Mobile web part 3)

2010 May 19 mobile

The mobile developer’s toolkit (Mobile web part 2)

2010 May 11 mobile

The viewport metatag (Mobile web part 1)

2010 May 6 mobile

A Clockwork Box

2010 Mar 2 uncategorized

Links for the week of February 21, 2010

2010 Feb 28 uncategorized

Links for the week of February 14, 2010

2010 Feb 21 uncategorized

Overall iPhone browser traffic share is decreasing (Jan2009 to Jan2010)

2010 Feb 18 uncategorized

Links for the week of February 7, 2010

2010 Feb 15 uncategorized

A primer on CSS colors

2009 Dec 29 css

Video: John Resig – Testing, Performance Analysis, and jQuery 1.4

PastryKit: digging into an Apple Pie

2009 Dec 16 mobile

JavaScript tidbit: special variables ($, $$, _, etc)

2009 Dec 8 javascript

Ways of passing data to functions in JavaScript

2009 Dec 4 javascript

PHP: dealing with stuff that doesn’t exist

2009 Dec 1 php

IEMobile 6/7 bug: classes and id not supported on the HTML element

2009 Dec 1 mobile

Pitfalls of declaring variables in JavaScript

2009 Nov 18 uncategorized

JavaScript Tidbit: Block scope with “let”

2009 Sep 15 uncategorized

PHP Tidbit: Dead simple singleton

2009 Sep 14 uncategorized

JavaScript Tidbit: Shorthand Object Instantiation

2009 Sep 14 uncategorized

IE Mobile 6.12 problem: browser ignores the specificity of CSS display styles

2009 Aug 31 uncategorized