Momo: Mobile Monday panelMobile Monday panel left to right: Wesley Yun (RIM), Jared Benson (Punchcut), Anne Sullivan (Microsoft/Tellme Networks), Chris Nesladek (Google), Sue Booker (Nokia) (taken with my iPhone 3GS)

I just came back from Mobile Monday Silicon Valley: Best Practices for Mobile Design at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. This was a panel discussion with representatives from Google, Microsoft, Nokia, RIM, and Punchcut. There were quite a few little nuggets of wisdom which I tried to write down in bullet form:

Sue Booker, UED (Nokia)

Chris Nesladek, Commerce UI Lead (Google)

Anne Sullivan, UI Designer (Microsoft/Tellme Networks)

Jared Benson, Design (Punchcut)

Wesley Yun, UX (RIM)