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YouTube Mobile Gets a Kick Start
Battle of Champions: HTC Droid Incredible vs. Palm Pre Plus
Designing for the Retina Display (326ppi)
AUDIO: John Resig: You Don’t Know Mobile (Webstyle Magazine) – ~$5,000 minimum to do mobile testing
Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps
eMobile: We have the fastest network in Japan!
Apple iPad User Analysis — Phase II
VIDEO: Using iPhone with a Braille display (Victor Tsaran)
Mobile Access 2010 (Pew Research)
BlackBerry and iPhone losing ground to Android, overall smartphone growth (comScore data)


JavaScript needs modules!
JavaScript Cache Provider (Dustin Diaz)
Writing Testable JavaScript


VIDEO: Nicole Sullivan on CSS (The Big Web Show)
CSS Media Queries & Using Available Space
Data URIs make CSS sprites obsolete (Nicholas Zakas)


HTML5 For Web Designers
Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps
HTML5: Up and Running
JavaScript Patterns


Web Forms: Semantic Mark Up in our Forms [part 2]
Non Hover – “Elements that rely only on mousemove, mouseover, mouseout or the CSS pseudo-class :hover may not always behave as expected on a touch-screen device such as iPad or iPhone.”
Video to ASCII conversion with Canvas
CAPTCHA slider
Rich snippets and structured markup (Google Webmaster Central) (SEO)
Firefox 4 beta 1 is here – what’s in it for web developers?

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