There’s an overwhelming amount of information being pumped out of the JavaScript community each week, but how do you keep up with it? Here’s some sources to keep you busy.


This merits a category of its own. This has replaced the RSS reader for a lot of folks, or at the very least supplemented it.

I’ve consistently recommended Nathan Smith’s list of JavaScript folks. When I’m diligent, I keep up with this several times a week and favorite items from the feed to be considered for inclusion in that week’s JSMag Blog update.

Aggregators and communities

Reddit: web_design and javascript


JavaScript Google Reader bundle
JavaScript People Blogs - Google Reader bundle

Mozilla articles on
Script Junkie
DailyJS - very frequently updated news by Alex Young
QuirksBlog (ppk) - focus on mobile
JavaScript, JavaScript (Angus Croll)
John Resig’s blog - unfortunately not too active lately (check out his Twitter for more updated info)
Ajaxian - used to be THE source for news, but it isn’t updated too much anymore

…and many more. Check out Rey Bango’s “What to Read to Get Up to Speed in JavaScript” for more.

Browser blogs

It’s important to know what’s going down in the browser world. These have mixed content, so it’s not just JavaScript.

Surfin' Safari
The Chromium Blog
The Mozilla Blog

Weekly news

These sources attempt to do the legwork for you and round up the most important articles each week. (Disclaimer: I currently write for JSMag!)

JavaScript Weekly: a weekly email newsletter
Badass JS
JSMag blog

Podcasts and Videos

A Minute With Brendan
YUI Theatre
Node Up

Am I missing anything (I’m very sure)? Post a link below in the comments. Thanks!