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Front view of the Sugar Pine Railroad

On my last trip to Yosemite, I tagged along with my friends Kevin and Mari. The first day we hiked in rain to the base of Upper Yosemite Falls. By the second day, we were tired and looking for something quick and relaxing to do before driving back.

We decided to check out the Sugar Pine Railroad, which was right next to their hotel.

I remember passing by the railroad when I went to Yosemite with Yuka, and she seemed really excited to check it out. Regrettably we didn’t have any time on that trip, and I sort of dismissed it as a tourist trap.

Yep, it’s a tourist trap. But it’s historical and interesting, and it was fun to relax and take a ride on the old steam engine.

Side view
Front side view. "Lima Locomotive Works Incorporated March 1928"
Front side view
Lots o' grease! Come and get it.
"Patented February 18, 1908"

On the last stretch of the journey, there was a bunch of steam that came out of the side of the railroad. I don’t really understand the reason for this - to let out pressure maybe?

Or maybe a good spectable for the tourists? :)

Releasing the steam. Something for the tourists?

We sat right next to the loudspeaker. I’d advise against that.

Don't sit by the loudspeaker! It's quite loud.

Note: all photos copyright David Calhoun.

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