I’d been looking for a night like tonight for a long time, when the new moon fell squarely on the weekend. The only problem: unpredictable weather!

I drive about an hour and a half south on the 101 and then the 25 to head towards the east Pinnacles entrance, which I’d never been at before. I also chatted with Yuka over LINE for a bit of it, at least until the reception got bad and dropped the call about ten minutes beofre getting to the park.

In any case, I made past the folks camping nearby, to the wide open dirt parking lot. I rolled down my window, and stuck my head out the window to look up at the sky. Wait, what sky? It turned out to be clouds. 100% clouds.

The forecast said it would be partly cloudy, which has sometimes meant 10% clouds whereas other times… Well, I guess this fell into the “other times” category.

Just proves that you can’t win them all, and you can’t plan everything. Sometimes you just have to travel a lot and occassionally get lucky.

Like the time the moon was rising straight over the road behind me on the way to my parents’ house in Big Bear, but I didn’t have my camera stuff ready in time. That would’ve been an awesome shot, but now it’s an awesome memory.

Or the time I drove up Whitney Portal Road to get a shot of the snow-covered mountains that you could see visibly glowing under the moonlight.

Until next time!