exercise gym rant

It’s well into the new year, and I didn’t exactly start the new year off like everyone else, who I imagine all rushed daily into the gym in the first week or two, then apparently gave the habit up soon after.

Sometime in February I found out about a study being conducted at my workplace in conjunction with a university, to track the effects of exercise over the course of a month. As an extra benefit, I get paid a decent chunk of virtual money into my Google wallet every time I visit a gym in the month of March, during the weekdays.

Now that the study is finally starting, I’m already in the habit of going to the gym and I actually look forward to it. I actually feel good, and I love the feeling of comign out of the gym and feeling the cool air at night around campus. For a few minutes I even enjoyed a little stream just outside the gym.

Never thought I’d much like the gym, but I like getting in the habit of going. It always makes me feel good, and may be a bit of a ward against depression, or at least thoughts I can’t trust.

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