Hello friends! It’s been a while without an update.

I’ve been working more and more on my photography endeavors, which includes building up a YouTube channel to document my travels and also my learnings. I’m hoping it’s interesting and useful enough, especially for other aspiring photographers.

This year is definitely shaping up to be a year of travelling, and I’d also like to keep a blog of photos and such, so I’m working to get a separate photography blog setup at my photography website. I’m hoping to get that up soon, as I’m already falling behind! And I have a trip to Japan coming up next week already!

Anyhow, here’s a few recent videos you can check out.

From my recent trip to Edinburgh. I didn’t take much video footage, but was able to put together a quick video with what I had.

Big Bear Lake in the snow. Just the tail end of the winter season, so I had to take advantage and get out a bit!

A lazy winter photography test run in my backyard.

Right now my channel is in its very humble beginnings, but I’m still working on getting good content there, and learning to edit my videos better and better as I progress. Turns out I’m learning photography and a bit of videography and editing as well!

Please check out my channel and subscribe! I promise a TON more adventures just in the coming year. Here’s what’s already booked: