My original entry

Second night

Dahlgren backpacker’s campsite was amazing! Flush toilets, free showers with hot and cold water. Luxury.

There is a nice restaurant nearby that I was looking forward to, but it was closed on Monday unfortunately. Tempted to stay here and rest, but I want to keep moving on.

The first here are amazing. Saw some deep red bird, almost tropical looking. Woodpeckers heard but not seen. The usual crows. Owls as well. Other birds that sound new to me.

Met Piper at the campsite today. He also saw me at Ed Garvey shelter.

Guesstimating two more days of walking till I go to a town to take a break. I am trying to figure out how to guesstimate and budget the miles.

Food is dwindling. The luxury Mountain House meals are disappearing now, and I’m running down to the tuna packets, the more traditional backpacker food.

Hopefully will make good progress today. If not, no worries - then I’ll resupply in Smithsburg.

My first entry in a trail log, at Ed Garvey shelter. I was going by Kierkegaard for a long while until I changed my trail name to the more comprehensible 'Philosopher'
Gath's Empty Tomb, a depressing sight on the second day. But a reminder: LIVE
Gath's Empty Tomb
Hanging animal skulls off of trees seemed to be a favorite pasttime of folks in these parts... this is not the first one I saw
Really old graffiti - someone named R.L. Rud or Rudy? 1870?
Trail sign to Rocky Run Shelter. Skipped this one and kept going.

What I remember one year later

Dahlgren backpacker’s campsite was like having one foot back in civilization. Comforting for the second day out.

This was a really nice campsite, and completely free of charge. I don't remember anything quite like it for the rest of the trail. There were even electrical outlets in the bathroom, so folks could theoretically charge their devices (yes, that's an essential of hiking these days, for better or worse).

I remember that restaurant right next to the campsite. It was a fancier restaurant that was famous for its brunch, and was a bit on the formal side, but I heard they let in hikers (with the stipulation that they shower first!). Of course I picked the only day they were closed to arrive! But no matter, I hadn't been on the trail long and probably didn't deserve a real meal yet.

I avoided rain the whole day, but I remember that it did start to sprinkle. I think I had lasagna for dinner, and for my first taste (ha) of how that meal in particular likes to stick to your spoon like crazy.