Category: philosophy

Behold the Birds of the Air (Soren Kierkegaard)

2017 Jul 11 kierkegaard, philosophy

Stifling Laughter in Distant Places

2017 Jul 9 philosophy, rant, travel

Beginning thoughts on the idea of a Great American Road Trip

2017 Jan 11 philosophy, travel

Maybe it's healthier to embrace discomfort

2016 Nov 9 philosophy, politics

Quine and Heidegger: Against Reductionism

2016 Oct 19 philosophy

Junk Food, Junk Politics, Junk TV, Junk Body, Junk Mind, Junk Truth

2016 Oct 13 philosophy, politics, rant

Quarter-life crisis, third-life crisis, mid-life crisis

2015 Oct 4 life, philosophy

Summary of Aurelius Augustinus and Seng Zhao on 'Time': An Interpretation of the Confessions and the Zhao Lun

Existential nights

2015 Apr 30 life, philosophy

The Beatitudes

2015 Mar 9 philosophy, the bible

Living as driftwood

2015 Jan 3 new year, philosophy, rant

The City Is A Medium, The Medium Is The Message

2014 Sep 16 philosophy, rant

Forms of Escapism

2012 Dec 8 philosophy, rant

A theory of leisure time, choice, and happiness

2012 Oct 19 life, philosophy

Descartes on building software frameworks

2012 Oct 2 philosophy, programming

The life of your parents’ choosing

2012 Sep 15 life, philosophy, rant

Why is Philosophy still important?

2012 May 6 philosophy

New direction (“Developer Blog” -> “Blog”)

2012 May 6 life, philosophy, rant

Web development / Silicon Valley rant

On professional self-worth

2011 Jun 21 philosophy, rant

Improving yourself as a programmer versus as a human being

2011 Feb 20 philosophy, programming