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My new photography YouTube channel

2017 Mar 11 photography, travel, video, youtube

My year in photos (2016)

New Orleans trip (November 2016)

Photo assignment: Kyoto alleyways at night

Shinkansen trip from Kyoto to Sapporo

2016 May 17 japan, photography, travel

Monju-e Ceremony in Nara (文殊会 興福寺)

Japan once again: update from the Banana House in Osaka

2016 Apr 19 japan, photography, travel, video, vlog

11 mile Big Basin hike

Big Basin October Hike

My year in photos, part 2 (2014)

My year in photos, part 1 (2014)

Milky Way galaxyrise from Maui

Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 2013 (京都の桜2013年)

2013 Apr 30 kyoto, photography, sakura, travel

A Visit From Flickr!

2010 Jul 16 photography