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Stifling Laughter in Distant Places

2017 Jul 9 philosophy, rant, travel

My new photography YouTube channel

2017 Mar 11 photography, travel, video, youtube

Beginning thoughts on the idea of a Great American Road Trip

2017 Jan 11 philosophy, travel

My year in photos (2016)

New Orleans trip (November 2016)

Photo assignment: Kyoto alleyways at night

Festival Parade Hadrah 2016 (Muslim parade in Solo, Indonesia)

2016 May 25 indonesia, travel, video

Indonesia trip: the good, the bad, the ugly

2016 May 24 indonesia, travel, video

The roads of Indonesia

2016 May 18 indonesia, travel, video

Shinkansen trip from Kyoto to Sapporo

2016 May 17 japan, photography, travel

Monju-e Ceremony in Nara (文殊会 興福寺)

Japan once again: update from the Banana House in Osaka

2016 Apr 19 japan, photography, travel, video, vlog

A ride on Yosemite's Sugar Pine Railroad

Tourist season in Japan, and a brief escape to Cafe Rhinebeck in Kyoto

My year in photos, part 2 (2014)

My year in photos, part 1 (2014)

Milky Way galaxyrise from Maui

Kyoto Cherry Blossoms 2013 (京都の桜2013年)

2013 Apr 30 kyoto, photography, sakura, travel

Video: Spring in Kyoto (京都の春)

2013 Apr 15 japan, kyoto, travel, video