Flickr for iPhone 1.2 released
Firefox Home For iPhone Approved, Lets You Sync Bookmarks, Open Tabs And More
Opera Mobile 10.1 for S60: W3C gelocation, border-radius & 2D transforms on S60 platform
Mobile Browser Cache Limits, Revisited by Ryan Grove
Mobile cache file sizes (and other performance tests on mobile devices) by Steve Souders
Out Of Nowhere, The iPad Has A Real Competitor: the Android-based Pandigital Novel
Ex-Apple Javascript Guru: HTML5 and Native Apps Can Live Together


[whatwg] The vision behind the <device> element and the ConnectionPeer interface: Hixie (Ian Hickson) explains the future of video conferencing, real-time games, and peer-to-peer file transfer from the browser
The id attribute just got more classy in HTML5: probably not very useful, but good to know. Summary: in HTML 4.01 you could use almost any crazy characters for class names (♥, ⌘, ⌥, etc.), and now with HTML5 you can do the same for ids.
<mark>: how do you use it semantically?



JavaScript Programming Patterns: Klaus Komenda gives a concise explanation of the various coding patterns created over the years. Not a new post, but it’s so good that it’s worth mentioning.
DailyJS: A JavaScript Blog
Caveats of the JS Module Pattern
VIDEO: yayQuery Podcast Episode 19: HTML5, Sencha, John Resig, etc.
How ECMAScript 5 still does not allow to subclass an array


How media queries allow you to optimize SVG icons for several sizes
High DPI Web Sites: Dave Hyatt explains circa 2006 another way of targeting high-DPI devices (before media queries were around)
CSS3 PIE: “PIE makes Internet Explorer 6-8 capable of rendering several of the most useful CSS3 decoration features.”


Introducing HTML5 (Voices That Matter) (Bruce Lawson, Remy Sharp)


VIDEO: Paul Rouget on Mixing the web! (Mozilla Summit 2010): mixing HTML5, CSS3, WebGL, websockets… etc
VIDEO: The Big Web Show Episode 12: Web Conferences: Andy McMillan and Eric Meyer
Caching Improvements in Internet Explorer 9
Web App Masters: Designing for Interesting Moments: notes from Bill Scott’s presentation Designing for Interesting Moments
CouchDB 1.0 released

(thanks to Chris Heilmann’s Tech Thursday for some of the links)