JavaScript Asteroids - blow up any webpage with this bookmarklet!

JS1k contest - and the winner

PromoteJS - Google bombing with a good intent. Better links to JavaScript documentation!

Async and defer attributes for Script tags added to WebKit

Evercookie - uses devious ways to try to track users. Hmm, this one is questionable. Please use it for good, not evil… :/ - not really new news, but a nice quick way to test algorithm performance in JavaScript

yepnope.js - a wrapper around LABjs Script Loader to save bandwidth by only loading needed components. Think of JSON - there’s no reason to send this down the wire if the browser supports this natively.

Classlist in Firefox 3.6 - for easier manipulation of classes on elements. And it just landed a patch in WebKit!

QuirksBlog: Click event delegation on the iPhone and an update

Chrome Speak To Site; Give any input the power to listen to you - support for input type=speech (supported by WebKit)

embedJS - selective JS for embedded devices (mobile, TV, etc.) based on capabilities.

JS Console for iOS - native JS console built by Remy Sharp.

Joyent Node SmartMachine - API for node.js?

Slides: Pushing browsers to the limit (Ben Firshman) - by the creator of Virtual NES - all in JavaScript!

Release the Kraken - Mozilla releases its Kraken JavaScript benchmark, analogue to WebKit’s SunSpider