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On Sunday I grabbed two sandwiches at Le Boulanger, and headed for a late hike in Big Basin, which is my favorite place to hike in the area. The drive from my apartment in Sunnyvale is almost an hour and a half, and the fee to park is $10, but it’s worth it to go and spend time there once and a while.

I’ve found I can usually find parking very easily at the very end of North Escape Road, near the camping area, which ends up being a much more secluded start to the hike. Starting from there you can immediately cross over the river and then see the site of the Maddock Homestead right across the river.

From there I traveled up north along the Skyline to the Sea trail, pretty much going as far as I could before sunset, when the trails close. I got back just as it was getting tough to see with the unaided eye.

Along the way I saw a TON of ladybugs um.. how should I say this.. in the process of making a TON more ladybugs. I didn’t have my macro lens with me, but I’m tempted to go back just for more of these pictures. I’ve never seen anything like this before!

Ladybugs - there's at least 7 distinct clusters here! I have never seen this before!
Ladybug cluster
Ladybug cluster
Ladybug cluster
Rock face along the Skyline to the Sea trail
Rock face along the Skyline to the Sea trail
Shadowy trail
Tiny stream, almost all dried up
Huge trees in the shadows
Shadows over the trail
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